El Celler de Can Roca  

Redefining Family Restaurants
El Celler de Can Roca has come a long way since head chef Joan Roca and his two brothers served the first dish, Sole with rosemary and garlic vinaigrette, back in 1986. Three Michelin stars, twenty years, and a host of accolades later, is still a place of innovation and revolutionary Catalan cuisine.

The saying too many cooks in the kitchen doesn’t seem to apply to these three brothers. Perhaps this is because of their synergetic approach. Joan, the oldest, is the savory mind and serves as the head chef. Josep, the middle brother, stewards the wines and serves as maître d’. The youngest, Jordi, was gifted with the sweet tooth, and innovates creative dishes as the pastry chef.

A brotherly bond may permeate the restaurant, but the cuisine and accommodations are decidedly modern. Panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows pour natural ambience into the building, with tables overlooking grape vines and beautiful gardens used for weddings and events. Luxurious chairs—like mini-sofas—surround the tables, set spaciously within the restaurant.

The massive wine cellar is a core element of the experience. Boasting wines from five key regions, the menu is so bulky it spans two volumes and arrives on a cart.

Built upon the legacy of Can Roca, and only a thousand feet from the original family restaurant, this Avant-garde restaurant redefines both family restaurants and contemporary gastronomic studies, earning it the honor of second best restaurant in the world, bestowed by Restaurant magazine in 2011.
El Celler de Can Roca
Can Sunyer, 46
Girona, Spain
+34 972222157
Rating 94.22 
Rank [category] 5 
Rank [overall] 26 
"I thought I had died and gone to heaven. "

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