El Bulli  

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It all began in 1961 with a municipal permit authorizing the installation of a miniature golf course along a hill overlooking the bay. With nothing more than an outdoor barbecue grill and a few greens, a German doctor would unknowingly launch the humble origins of one of the world’s most legendary restaurants.

But it wasn’t putters that launched El Bulli into stardom. It was the scuba divers, who congregated on a patio near the course for drinks. A thatched roof and a wet bar were soon added. Overlooking Cala Montioi bay just outside Catalonia, Spain, the popular haunt soon earned the moniker, the German Bar. The rest as they say was history.

It’s a history rich with accolades—three Michelin stars, best chef in the world, restaurant of the year, gold medals and gastronomy awards. Most recently, Restaurant Magazine voted the establishment Best Restaurant in the World, not once but two years running, and then named chef Ferran Adrià Best Chef of the Decade.

It’s not just the critics that put this establishment at the top of the list. With an open season running only from June to December, this is no first-come-first-serve affair. In fact, booking for the following season might be compared to winning the lottery. All of the 8 thousand visitors per season are selected from a list of 2 million requests, all received on the first day of reservations.
It’s not difficult to see why. Lead chef Ferran Adrià hallmarked cooking as a language expressing harmony, creativity, happiness, beauty, poetry, complexity, magic, humor, provocation, and culture. The 42 chefs at El Bulli certainly confirm that declaration, offering some of the most imaginative haute cuisine and avant-garde fares anywhere in the world.
El Bulli
Cala Montjoi, 17480
Roses, Spain
34 972 15 04 57
Rating 96.22 
Rank [category] 2 
Rank [overall] 5 
"Words can't describe the dinning experience. 36 courses of perfection. "

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